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Welcome to the Bugtime Adventures website!  We at Lightning Bug Flix, the producers of this animated children's Bible series, want to assure all our guests that we respect your privacy when you are visiting our website. We will never collect personal information without your knowledge, nor will we sell, lease or rent any information collected on this website. This privacy policy is intended to tell you about the type of information we may collect on the website, how it would be collected, and what we intend to use the information for.

Before you send any information over the internet about yourself, such as your name, home address or e-mail address, make sure to get your parent's permission first.

We will never collect more information than is reasonably necessary to allow a child to participate in a particular service or promotion on the Website.

If you or your child sends an email to us, we will use the email address only to respond to your questions and comments.

Mailing List:
Fans may register to be added to our mailing list. To be removed from the mailing list, send an email request to contact@Bugtime.com.

When a child subscribes to our electronic newsletter, we will also ask for a parent or guardian's email or physical address so that we can notify the parent or guardian that we are sending the newsletter and provide an opportunity for the parent or guardian to stop future newsletters. E-newsletters can be stopped at any time by following the instructions at the bottom of the email.

We may conduct surveys where we ask for certain demographic information such as age, zip code, etc. The information collected through these surveys would be used to help us improve and enhance future programming and/or to improve the content of the website itself. No specific personal information (i.e. name, address, etc.) will be collected.

Contests and/or Sweepstakes:
Contests and/or Sweepstakes on the website may ask for an email address in order to enter. If this is the case, the email address will by used only for the purpose of determining a winner through a random drawing. Only the winner's email address will be used to notify that person that he/she has won. If the winner is under the age of 13, before any prize is sent to the child, we will require the child to provide us with his/her parent or guardian's email or physical address so that we may seek that person's consent to send the child the prize.

At times, we may ask that specific personal information be provided. The type of information requested will correspond directly with the service requested. For example, if we receive a request from a visitor to the website that a particular resource be sent directly to him/her, we may need to request specific contact information (i.e. name and address). The information requested will be used only as necessary to respond to the particular request and will never be sold, distributed, shared with, or transferred to, a third party unless required by law.

Tracking Usage
To help us better understand how our visitors are using our website and the various features in it, we may gather information on usage patterns. To do this we use “cookies” which are temporary files placed on your computer's hard drive that tell us things such as what kind of computer is being used, how often our site is visited, which pages on our site are viewed, etc. We use these “cookies” only to collect aggregate information and do not collect any specific information (i.e. name, address, e-mail address, etc.) about our visitors from them.

Lightning Bug Flix reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time and requests that you review this policy periodically for updates.

All questions or comments regarding this privacy policy can be directed to:
Santa Fe Communications, Inc.
d.b.a. Lightning Bug Flix
1126 S. 70th St., Suite N601
Milwaukee, WI 53214
E-mail: info@lightningbugflix.com

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